Is Saitama As Fast As Light?

One Punch Man is a big name in Anime World. One Punch Man’s popularity and fan base – Selling nearly 20 million Manga copies in 2019. One punch man anime is just as popular. It received a lot of praise for its uniqueness in character design, animation quality, humor, and battle scenes. Anime fans always find it interesting to discuss how powerful the world of Saitama is? Is it possible to beat Goku? and many such questions are discussed among anime fans. But one thing we should never discuss is – how fast is Saitama? Or what is Saitama’s speed?

In fact, we know Saitama very quickly. He’s faster than Sonic, a ninja. He disappeared from the enemy’s line of sight like a wind. Even Genous had difficulty locating him while fighting against him. But what is the speed of Saitama? Let’s find out.

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