Introduce Nano tape – Super Transparent Magic 2-Sided Nano Magic Adhesive Tape

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1. The superiority of true nano adhesive tape

Nano electrical adhesive tape is a high-end product line imported from Taiwan. Nano adhesive tape has high adhesion and heat resistance to ensure that there is no peeling or flaking when wrapping open wires.

The product is adapted to all weather conditions, resistant to corrosion, high abrasion, ultraviolet rays, chemicals, fire resistance and very high heat resistance. It is an indispensable product in the industry such as electricity, refrigeration, electronics … and is also a very necessary product in the daily life of households.

2. Structure of real nano adhesive tape:

The special adhesive has heat-resistant and insulating adhesive properties.

PVC film and special ruber glue.

Color: red, yellow, white, black, green, blue.

Adhesive surface: one side.

Film thickness and electrical adhesive tape: 100 microns.

Elongation: 200%

Width: 18mm, 48mm.

Length: 10 Yards, 20Yard, 30 Yards.


3. Outstanding features of Nano tape.

Nano electrical adhesive tape is made of plastic film material with extremely good elasticity and insulating ability.

The film is covered with a glue layer with moderate adhesion, easy to dare and strong for a long time in different temperature environments.

Electrical adhesive tapes with very high heat resistance can be used with a range of power sources below 600W, they are very difficult to ignite and when they burn, they burn very slowly, easily extinguish more easily than conventional electrical tapes.

4. The difference between Nano tape and real Nano adhesive tape

Do not loose the cuff when the power cord is open.

Anti-corrosion, high abrasion.

Resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Inert to chemicals.

Fire resistant and highly heat resistant

Nano tape is printed on the surface of real Nano adhesive tape

Good elasticity, good elasticity

5. Application of Nano adhesive tape

Used for electrical insulation, heat insulation.

Fireproof for electrical works, electrical wires, electrical equipment or objects that need insulation, electricity.

In construction works, Nano adhesive tape is used in many positions such as ceiling roofs, floating wire pipes, soundstage.

In addition, in cold environments, the Nano tape is anti-crack, also in hot environments, when the temperature is high, it prevents dust, stickiness, and minimizes the possibility of electric shock, fire, etc.

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3cm Super Transparent Magic 2-Sided Adhesive Tape GEL PU Material Monkey Grip Tape Multi-Purpose Adhesive Tape Monkey Grip Tape has good heat resistance and will not be damaged by direct sunlight. You can peel off the sticker at any time, or stick it anywhere and help keep any item. Secure your phone to your car to avoid scratches, you can even attach a TV remote or whatever you have in mind at the moment. With Super Adhesive Transparent Stickers, anything you envision can be sticked, anywhere. Let’s explore the many interesting features when using this Super Transparent Adhesive Tape.

· 2-sided super-sticky hold up to 2.3kg weight – tape elongation 1M, 3M, 5M

· Easy to remove, without leaving any stains or damage

· Material 100% PU nano gel

· Paste items made of metal, alu, plastic, mica, wood, glass

· Washable and stick is over 1000 times!

· Designed to stick to anything!

· Suitable for mounting posters, mobile phone, tablet, ornaments and other items

· Easily attach wherever you want

· Just peel off the sticker, attach it to where you need it, the rest leave the Super Adhesive Transparent Sticker.

· With super sticky tape silicon paste on hand you can paste everything

· You can use the Monkey Grip mount your phone on the wall, the key chain, wallet onto the surface of the room. Items such as cups, helmets, and personal belongings are glued and glued on all surfaces by the Gel Nano Pad. All in all, everything and everything you can use a multi-function sticker to stick everything on and stick firmly.

· Cups of water, bowls can be used with this silicone tape to stick and stick instead of using other hooks.

· Help you decorate the house space

· Chiệu short term temperature: 100 degrees

· Thickness: 2mm

· Washable, PU glue can be reused, tore away without residue



3cm Super Transparent Magic 2-Sided Adhesive Tape GEL PU Material Monkey Grip Tape Multi-Purpose Adhesive Tape Monkey Grip Tape lets you glue everything, everything and every material with ease. Easy to use just remove and use, stick and paste everything with this all-in-one look.


· Fixed electrical sockets, LED lights, Ns power lines

· Advertising signs, home address, company

· Hanging frames, BATHROOM items

· Stickers the car frame, decorate the CAR toys

· The application is made of metal, alu, plastic, mica, wood, glass


· 500 * 3 * 0,3cm (5 meters / roll)

· 300 * 3 * 0,3cm (3 m / roll)

· 100 * 3 * 0,3cm (1m / roll)


· Size 205 * 195 * 35mm box

· 160g / set (1m / roll)

· 330g / set (3 meters / roll)

· 445g / set (5m / roll)


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