Hot One Punch Man Cosplay For Haloween 2019

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Halloween is coming and you want to transform into your favorite characters, especially you are a fan of anime punch one and look forward to seeing that character through your reincarnation. This article because we will suggest you the hottest cosplay costumes for it :


1. One Punch Man Cosplay Tatsumaki Costumes

Tatsumaki is probably the character that any girl wants to incarnate by her charm and her attractive blue hair. And the black dress has a high cut that makes any girl attractive. We are very focused on the design so that we can create the same outfit as possible. This cosplay also tops the list. Search this year

1. One Punch Man Cosplay Tatsumaki Costumes

2. Tatsumaki Cosplay Shoes

So you have a dress to transform into a Tatsumaki character. Still not enough. To be able to perfectly transform into this girl you need a pair of high-heeled black shoes like her shoes often And of course, it is not too difficult, we give you the next product which is black cosplay shoes to help you get closer to your wishes. The product has a combination of 2 materials Faux Leather and Rubber very strong and durable. We can confidently give you the perfect cosplay shoes 

3. One Punch Man Cosplay – Saitama Costumes

This is a product for men who admire Saitama characters. The main body shirt is yellow with black belts and red sleeves. The costume is vivid and detailed and it is hard to find a defect for this outfit. You will definitely feel like a Saitama in real life while wearing this outfit.                     

4.Saitama Cosplay Costumes Shoes Boots

Like the Tatsumaki character. In order to get a Saitama-like appearance, you also need a pair of brown high boots. With the consideration of the design and material making the product is PU leather pattern. We are confident to bring satisfaction to you.


5.2019 Anime One Punch Man Saitama Oppai Cosplay

If you are more comfortable with Saitama’s real life, you can refer to our outfit. There are 3 parts that are combined to create this cosplay costume: – The white shirt with a symbolic image of Saitama ‘s name: “oppai”

 -The blue sleeveless jacket outside

 – Shorts pants with dark blue All of them are made from very cool colors and are comfortable to wear.

all made from cool materials, elegant colors and very comfortable to wear.


6.One Punch Man Speed-o’-Sound Sonic Cosplay

One of the heroes is also strong and hot as Saitama is Sonic. The outfit he wore also had a resemblance to the Saitama outfit, but much darker in color with the dominant black tone and accent with a long purple scarf. The only thing left for you is a high hair and a sword that can transform itself into success.


7.Saitama One Punch Man Cool 3D Cosplay T-shirt

If you feel inconvenient when wearing a long-sleeved cosplay shirt for Saitama character. We also have a perfect hand-held cosplay news product that still doesn’t lose the character of this character. It is very durable and easy to wear so you cannot coslys to not like it.


These are suggestions that we give to those who want to buy themselves a cosplay set for the character of a punch man. If you have this need, don’t hesitate to read our article to choose for yourself like the costume.

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